Frequently Asked Questions

1.)  If I Arrange For A Survey Will I Get A Pushy Salesperson?
Absolutely Not. Our surveys are FREE and completely without obligation. You will appreciate there can be many variables home to home. Each stairlift has to be measured to exact dimensions for custom fitting, an on site visit will allow our surveyer to discuss your individual requirements fully and answer your queries. There may be options you would find beneficial and you would get the opportunity to see what type of company you are dealing with, and the quality of service we offer. The success of our business rests on the behaviour of our staff.

2.)  How Long Does It Take To Fit A Stairlift?
Next day installation is available for straight stairlifts, reconditioned single curve stairlifts can be fitted in 5 days, multiple curved stairlifts can take as little as 10 days and up to 2-3 weeks. Because site survey exact dimensions allow pre delivery preparation, actual installation is usually less than an hour. A curved stairlift can take longer to instal but any disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

3.)  I Am Disabled Will You Have A Lift Suitable For Me?
Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements and the options available to you.

4.)  What Is The Maximum Weight A Stairlift Can Carry?
Standard capacity for most stairlifts is 20 stone, but we do have options for larger users with a capacity of 32 stone.

5.)  My Stairs Seem Quite Narrow Will A Stairlift Fit?
Staircases come in many widths, we have slimline stairlifts to fit staircases as narrow as 26 inches. All Stairlifts fold away for storage, and leave the staircase free for foot traffic when not in use.

6.)  My Staircase Has A Bend In It, Do I Need A Curved Stairlift?
Not necessarily, there are alternative options which suit many staircases and which can cost less money. Please contact us for further details.

7.)  Will I Be Stranded If There's A Power Failure?
All our stairlifts are battery powered therefore totally safe, and will continue to work during a power cut. We have a nationwide network of service engineers available 24/7.

8.)  I Have Problems Bending My Knee, Can I Use A Stairlift?
We have stand and perch options useful for those with limited knee articulation, and suitable for staircases as narrow as 26 inches. Stand and perch options are not available on curved stairlifts.

9.)  Will There Be A Mess After A Stairlift Is Installed?
Most stairlifts are fitted to the stairs not to the wall, so there is minimum disruption, and no unsightly repairs needed. Everything will be left to your satisfaction.

10.)  What Kind Of Guarantee Will I Get?
Our new stairlifts come with the manufacturers fully comprehensive guarantee, some of our reconditioned straight stairlifts are offerd with our own 2 year parts and labour guarantee, any work will be carried out by our own factory trained skilled stairlift engineers, extended warranties are available. Our after sales service is second to none.

11.)  Can I buy A Reconditioned Stairlift With Confidence?
There can be big savings with a reconditioned stairlift. You can choose a British Stairlift Reconditioned lift with total confidence. We only use carefully selected previously owned top brand stairlifts, as new and often only a few months old. They are refurbished and tested by skilled engineers, our reconditioned straight stairlifts are installed with a 2 year guarantee. They represent excellent value for money and will give years of satisfactory service. Our backup is ongoing and second to none. Extended warranties are available. Our reconditioned curved stairlifts are installed with brand new track, custom fitted to your particular home, this is not the case with some of our competitors who try to readapt second hand track which usually leads to problems.

British Stairlifts specialise in Acorn Straight Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, Sit, Stand and Perch Stairlifts and Acorn and Brooks Reconditioned Stairlifts for
Nottingham City, Greater Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, East Midlands and UK Mainland.